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Truck Container

Truck containers, as can be understood from the name, are specialised containers that are designed to be seated on trucks for the transportation of different varieties of goods from one place to another. Truck containers are available in a number of sizes depending upon the size of the truck. The commonly available sizes of truck containers are 10 feet, 20 feet, & 40 feet in length and 8 feet in width. The standard truck containers’ height is 8.6 feet, and the high cube truck containers’ height is 9.6 feet. In addition to this, there are cylindrical truck containers specially designed to carry fuel and flammable or inflammable liquids.


Truck containers of different sizes are used for different applications, depending on their sizes. A truck container which is also referred to as a container truck, is used to transport and store a wide range of goods such as heavy machinery, construction material, stones, sensitive material, food products, coal, and a number of others. Liquids such as fuel, LPG, and many more are transported using cylindrical truck containers.

The container happens to be extremely versatile in nature which is exactly the reason why they are ideally suitable for a number of usages and applications. These containers come with construction fittings to make sure that they can withstand high pressure for the safe transportation of inner contents.

Features :

  • High grade paint and preparation techniques are employed for painting, extending life and improving appearance.
  • The MS corrugated panels are made from vertical, single-piece, closed pitch, rolled CR Sheets with few joints for a pleasing design.
  • All of the containers are composed of strong steel frames covered with well welded corrugated sheets.
  • These containers have good ventilation and are leak-proof.
  • There is space for the driver's luggage, a toolbox under the floor, and a roof luggage carrier.
  • The hinges are designed to allow for easy loading and unloading and to generate adequate room for the forklift to travel back and forth. The door opens on all sides with a 270-degree angle at the back thanks to these features.
  • Shore poles and side rails
  • Each product has a beautiful look and is fuel-efficient thanks to its aerodynamic design.

Revolutionizing the Way of Manufacturing Shipping Containers

Manufacturing high-quality shipping containers

We at AAWADKRUPA PLASTOMECH PVT. LTD, better known as APPL, was born as an engineering company in the year 1996 in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, with the major business of manufacturing Plastic Extrusion Plant and Machinery. After the announcement of the 'MAKE IN INDIA' - Containers Manufacturing Hub at Bhavnagar by the Government of India, we took a step forwardto enter into the prototype of container manufacturing in 2021.

Within a short span of time, APPL has emerged to be a name in the market that you can blindly trust and a name that needs no introduction in the container manufacturing industry. Shipping containers manufactured at APPL are available in a wide array of types, shapes, sizes, and dimensions catering to the specific requirements of varied business requirements keeping in mind the industry vertical to which they belong.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a truck container?
A truck container is a large metal box that is designed to be transported on the back of a truck or trailer. It is typically used to transport goods over long distances and can be loaded and unloaded using a forklift or other machinery.
2. What are the dimensions of a truck container?
Truck containers come in a range of sizes, but the most common dimensions are 20 feet, 40 feet, and 45 feet in length. The width is usually around 8 feet and the height is around 8.5 feet. The exact dimensions can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and the specific type of container.
3. What are some common uses for truck containers?
Truck containers are commonly used for transporting goods such as electronics, clothing, food, and furniture. They are also used for shipping cargo internationally, as they can be easily loaded onto cargo ships. In addition, truck containers can be repurposed for a variety of other uses, such as storage units, pop-up shops, and even as small homes or offices.